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Looking for the FAQs for the TwelveFold puzzles? You can find them here.

  • TwelveFold is a limited edition, experimental collection of 300 generative art pieces inscribed onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. These pieces represent a complete art project and will not have other utility or interact with or be related to any previous, ongoing, or future Ethereum-based Yuga projects.

    For more information on the inspiration as to why Yuga Labs decided to create TwelveFold please read the post on our official blog.

  • Inscriptions are NFTs that live in the Bitcoin blockchain. An inscription is created when a file, such as an art image, is written into (inscribed into) units of Bitcoin, called satoshis. Satoshis are the smallest individually identifiable units of Bitcoin (one hundred million satoshis equals one Bitcoin). Inscriptions, also called digital artifacts, are native to the Bitcoin blockchain and are made possible through the Ordinal theory protocol.

  • The generative pieces were crafted by Yuga Labs’ Chief Content Officer Figge.

  • The auction began at 3 PM PST on March 5th, 2023, and concluded approximately 24 hours later on the confirmation of the last block immediately before 3 PM PST on March 6th, 2023.

  • In total, 288 inscriptions were auctioned. 12 inscriptions were reserved for contributors, future donations, and philanthropic efforts.

    The bidding is now complete. The highest 288 successful, winning bids will have a TwelveFold inscription sent to the receiving address after the conclusion of the auction. If your bid is one of the top 288 successful bids, your bid amount is the price you paid for the TwelveFold piece.

    For a bid to be considered a successful bid, the bid must be sent in Bitcoin, must be received prior to the end of the auction, and must otherwise comply with the Terms of Sale (e.g. you must be legally eligible to participate).

    The bids that do not place in the top 288 successful bids will have their bids returned to their receiving address after the auction (see also, “What happens to my BTC if I do not place in the top 288 bids?”).

    Please read the below FAQs for more specific information about the auction.

  • The inscriptions were sent in order based on the final, verified positions of the leaderboard. In other words, the highest winning bid will receive TwelveFold 1/300, the second highest bid will receive TwelveFold 2/300, and so on.

  • Yes, the inscription process reflected the themes of the collection and was part of the experience. We worked with our friends at Luxor Technologies to inscribe the artwork.

  • Yes, the inscribed art is immutable and on-chain.

  • If your bid placed in the top 288 bids and you have not received your inscription please empty your receiving address and send an email to [email protected] with your receiving address. If we do not receive any communication by March 20th, 2023 we will send the inscription to the receiving address regardless of the balance.

  • At present, if you keep your digital artifact with other Bitcoin holdings you risk accidentally transferring the inscribed satoshi in the normal course of using your Bitcoin. Wallets do not currently support the transfer of individual satoshis. You are responsible for safely storing, holding, and transferring your inscription.

  • Bids that did not place in the top 288 successful bids were returned to the user's receiving address. For more information refer to this post.

  • Winning bidders will receive their TwelveFold ordinal inscriptions within one week of the end of the auction. We will start processing the returns of unsuccessful bids in batches shortly after the conclusion of the auction and will complete bid returns within 24 hours.

    We will communicate via our official channels once the inscriptions and the bid returns have been completely distributed to the corresponding receiving wallets. Bidders do not have to take any additional action.

  • Each ordinal carries a personal use license. They cannot be used for commercial purposes. See the full License for all terms.

  • Bidders needed two different addresses:

    • a self-custody wallet that contains Bitcoin to place a bid (the “bidding address”).
    • an empty self-custody Taproot Bitcoin address that is different from the bidding address. This address (the “receiving address”) was used to receive the inscription if the bidder placed a successful, winning bid. This is also where we will return the bid if the bid does not place in the top 288 successful bids.

    This guide was offered as a resource to help bidders set up receiving addresses.

  • The receiving address cannot be changed or corrected. All bidders were strongly urged to confirm their receiving addresses before submitting a bid. No bids will be returned due to any incorrect receiving address.

  • Inscriptions and unsuccessful bid returns will only be sent to the receiving address. If the receiving address is owned or controlled by a third party, such as a centralized exchange, Yuga Labs is not responsible if the inscription and/or returned Bitcoin is not returned to the bidder.

  • No, all bids that use the same receiving address will be considered one collective bid.

  • Anyone was able to participate unless Yuga Labs is prohibited from issuing a bid return or transferring the inscription due to sanctions law (e.g. to persons residing in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine).

  • The highest 288 successful bids placed had a TwelveFold inscription sent to the receiving addresses associated with their bids subject to the Terms of Sale.

  • Whichever bid was received first will be assigned a higher place in the leaderboard. If it happens that both bids were submitted in the same block, the first one in the block template will be assigned a higher place over the other.

  • The inscription process takes time, and we consider it a part of the experience. As such, please allow up to 1 week following the conclusion of the auction to receive your ordinal inscription.

  • Bidders were permitted to increase bids by going to our homepage, entering their receiving address, and clicking on the bid button. The receiving address had to match the receiving address from the first bid in order to increase such bid.

    If the receiving addresses do not match exactly, the second transaction was considered a new bid.

  • No, bids could not be decreased. For more information, refer to the Terms of Sale.

  • No, bids could not be canceled/withdrawn. For more information, refer to the Terms of Sale.

  • If you have any additional questions please contact [email protected]